I had tried several other local business solutions and was getting very frustrated with the results. Either they didn’t do all I wanted them to do or they were way too difficult to use and completely over my head. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Fillipp and I decided to give them a chance, as I really wanted to have complete solution to my local marketing business.

The best part was like I was paying several service providers to have the different local business features like Deals, Loyalty or punch cards, website building, mobile app creation even for the sms messaging and email blasts but with Fillipp by paying just a small monthly fee I am enjoying all these features and even more.

I am incredibly happy I found this program. This is without question the easiest to use system I have found and it does FAR more than any other program. I am simply amazed, as are my clients with all this does. I was able to provide the services to several local businesses in my first few days out before I even knew the system inside and out. In less than a month I already have 13 clients using this and all of them are seeing fantastic results and that is what we are all in this for after all. I give 100% marks to Fillipp, as it is the most valuable relationship I’ve made in years.

Dan WarnerGreat Experience. Thank you Guys

I have used two major App builders in the past. While they may be considered user friendly, the time taken to produce a quality end product takes far too long (at least one full day).

There are way too many options and functions you have to consider to build into your required things. Some functions may not work as you pictured in your mind, especially the deals components of these App builders.

However the Fillipp changes everything. Build time literally takes me 10 minutes, upload a logo, customize color scheme, connect to social and review platforms, enter some discount and loyalty deals, that’s it… done! It is all extremely easy, with no complicated steps.

I have never seen anything else that is this simple and efficient in creating intuitive Deals programs, Punch cards, Websites and Mobile apps, even the promotion tools like advanced messaging and Eblast features that I have never seen in all my 5+ years working as a designer and marketer. This has my sincerest recommendation to Fillipp.

Lisa John5 Stars to Fillipp

What I found with Fillipp was an amazing product that is easy to implement and use. Something everyone no matter what level of knowledge, whether a beginner or seasoned marketer can use and setup the services in just a few short minutes!

I found that the marketing materials are priceless and make this business in a box a big success for anyone getting on board. The back end where clients sign in to use their online business features or setup or promote deals in minutes!

But the most important thing I found has been priceless and in my experience unprecedented. I am talking about the support. I found that every question I have asked or sent them that they got back to me with detailed answers and not short quick responses!

The one thing I liked is that they made me feel like I was part of the team and not just a normal customer. And when they didn't know they told me they would find out and get back to me. They did not leave me hanging they actually got back to me or kept me informed!

I have been in offline marketing since 2005. I have seen products come and go. I have purchased products and have had them taken away without warning. I learned over time the signs of good and bad marketers, good and bad products and services. Good and bad support. So I am here to say I trust Fillipp and love the support. I have faith that, this is the real deal!

P. LawmanSo far this is the Best Program !!