We offer one-stop solution for all online advertising, promotional, and marketing needs relating to running local businesses.

Our products are customized and attuned to the requirements of businesses globally. The first of its kind, our robust platform comes equipped with features essential to get noticed in a fast-paced, ever-changing business environment. We help you to build your online identity, manage all web-based marketing activities, and closely engage with your customers through direct and multiple channels of communication.

Our Services

We provide robust software platforms that enable you to manage your business with ease and engage with your customers through multiple channels.

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Website Builder

Facilitate customers to find you online: anytime, anywhere, using any smart device. Design and customize your website as you want it to look (within the scope of features in the admin panel) and get it hosted on a unique web domain name of your choice like ‘yourbusinessname.com’. Since the need of the hour is for businesses to get online, now help customers to find you easily anytime from anywhere!

Mobile Deals / Coupons

You can post your ‘Daily Specials’ or ‘Offer of the Day’ or an upcoming ‘Big Day Bonanza’ right to your customer’s smart device within seconds. Just create the ‘Deal’ using our software product interface, and our system takes care of the rest: from delivering the ‘Deal’ to your entire customer base at your chosen time to ‘expiring’ it on the date you select. While everyone loves a ‘hot deal’, not everyone has the time to look for it – this won’t be a problem for your customers in future!

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Native App

Avail the unique facilities of our dynamic app compatible with smart devices, where customers can browse all essential details on the go: receive promotional deals, avail loyalty solutions, access gaming offers, and review your business. Now derive additional benefits from the effective and useful mobile user experience that our unique app offers!

Text Messaging

Use the unique Text Messaging feature to easily share timely news, offers, and deals to all your customers. Build a ‘VIP Text Club’ to instantaneously communicate with a large customer base, irrespective of time and location. Given that the average customer has the mobile phone always close at hand and with SMS emerging as the indisputable leader among marketing tools used globally, glide the extra mile armed with our unique Text Messaging feature!

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Social Promotion

Effectively use your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter accounts to promote your business. Our software platform enables you to constantly engage with viewers and customers, turning casual viewers into future customers over time. Reap the financial benefits offered by social media by building community and promoting your business. Now remain focused on your business and let our platform do the social engagement for you!

Instant Feedback Management

Make use of our unique and proprietary Review platform which helps you to facilitate, filter, and post choice reviews to major sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp, and FourSquare. Given that potential customers are now also judging you by what your existing customers have to say, we ensure that the kind things your existing customers have to say about you are seen by others!

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Gaming Offers

Try our simple-to-use and fun-filled Gamify features like ‘Spin To Win’ [click for Demo] that allows you to quickly create amusing and exciting mobile reward contests. While fun-filled games make an awesome addition to any happy hour or family day, they open up new avenues to bring in more customers on a generally slow day. If you and your customers have a penchant for fun, then you are at the right place!

Loyalty Solutions

Offer rewards to your customers who are frequent buyers of your products and services: from special sales coupons to loyalty cards to free merchandise to advance access to new products and so on. Reward your loyal customers and retain them for the future. Actively contribute to build your customer’s brand loyalty towards your business. And, in the process, also analyze additional information about products that may be purchased together and the effectiveness of certain coupons over others!

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Customer Data Capturing

Capture specific details about your customers (when they join your App): the data helps you to filter and send targeted Messages to your selected customers and thereby offer better overall Loyalty experience. The product automatically takes up the zip code, gender, and birthday from your customer’s social profile and the platform accordingly enables you to offer promotions like Birthday Clubs, Ladies Night, or Location-based specials!

Applying Analytics to Business

Make use of the full suite of easy-to-read analytics to efficiently manage your business and receive weekly system-generated emails with ‘helicopter’ views (statistics that show how your program is working for you). Firmly believing you cannot manage what you cannot measure, we provide a range of analytics to effectively run your business. Now track nearly everything about your business: how many members each program has, how many punches each customer has, how many rewards are being earned, and so on!

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ClickToDeals is our one-stop solution for creating all online deals and garnering customer reviews. The first of its kind, ClickToDeals comes equipped with features essential to get noticed in a fast-paced, ever-changing business environment. So, for example, by simply creating your best Internet offers / deals in seconds, you can promote your business on our website and get yourself discovered!

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